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Energy-, Gas & Oil Brokerage

Marketing, Financing & Investments, Start-ups

About Us

Our Group pays actually a premium rate of USD $1,50/bll on all crude offers received in 2023 (based on  Benchmark). 

We invest in private, high growth, game-changing technology companies. If you are a founder or investor, we'd like to hear from you. Thank you for your consideration.

HANSE OIL goes decentralized

Joint LLC offshore company for your contracts.

AGENDA 2023: Route to Business
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 We keep what we promise

Clients and general partners view us as a trustworthy and respected counterparty, able to transact on a fair, timely and confidential basis. We believe that our reputation and ability to execute quickly are strong competitive advantages.

Brokerage, Financing and Investments

OIL BROKER ASIA has a longstanding mutual and equity
partnership with the HANSE Group

We are the full service brokerage arm of HANSE ENERGY (OIL) HOLDING.  We act solely as an intermediary on behalf of our clients. The focus is exclusively on the quality of information, price discovery and trading liquidity we bring to each client. We are responsible for hassle-free and fast approval offer including all common pre-contractual formalities and its commercial implementation and post-transaction operations up to readiness for signature and accreditation (trader) status. We are a decentralized, partnership-based brokerage house with a team of experienced brokers, bankers and commercial consultants specializing in all energy and oil sectors.


Our brokers understand the complexities of supply and demand and benefit from our systematic research and global network. We assist buyers and sellers in all elements of energy, gas and oil transactions, from information gathering to commercial implementation, including post-transaction operations.

Business- and Price Links 

On behalf of HANSE OIL we seek a new crude processing agreement for its 2021/2022 South African crude allocations 

HANSE OIL HOLDING intends to exit equity partnerships held with Russian entities

We are shocked by the loss of life in Ukraine, which we deplore, resulting from a senseless act of military aggression which threatens European security,” said HANSE OIL's chief executive officer, Ronald C.Schweitzer. HANSE's staff in Ukraine and other countries has been working together to manage the company’s response to the crisis locally. HANSE will also work with aid partners and humanitarian agencies to help in the relief effort.

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