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Brokerage, Financing and Investments

OIL BROKER ASIA has a long-standing mutual and
equity partnership with HANSE OIL HOLDING

We are inter-alia the full-service brokerage arm of HANSE ENERGY (OIL) HOLDING.  We act solely as intermediaries on order. The focus is exclusively on the quality of information, price discovery and trading liquidity we bring to each client. We are responsible for hassle-free and fast approval offering including all common pre-contractual formalities and its commercial implementation and post-transaction operations up to readiness for signing and accreditation (trader) status. We are a decentralized partnership-based broker house with a team of experienced brokers, bankers, as well as commercial consultants, spezialising in all energy- and oil fields.

Our brokers understand these complex supply and demand factors and benefit from our systematic research and worldwide network. We assist buyers and sellers in all elements of energy, gas and oil transactions commencing with intelligence gathering through to commercial implementation including post-transaction operations.

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