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Updated: Oct 22, 2021

WE OFFER 6-9 MONTHS FREE storage capacities in

West African ports for all HANSE OIL refined products and

crude shipped until 30/11/2021.

We offer several storage options onsite or off site. Our tank farms offers large capacity storage tanks which are available for short term or long-term storage. We guarantee the quality parameters of the stored products to remain the same during the storage period.


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Building the world's largest virtual energy- trading- and investment consortium based on our 2567 accredited brokers and traders worldwide. The first cooperation of its size, scope and independence in our new location 1010 Vienna, Austria.

  • One central communication-board and phone service 24/7h

  • Fast online networking and Tendering with all partners 24/7h

  • Heterogeneous energy- and oil business structure

  • Selected Business and Partner Exclusivity, where possible

  • Virtual- or real office all-in Service Vienna, Austria, if needed

Offering a complete portfolio of capabilities in the area of trading, shipping, financing, investments and business as well as legal- and banking consulting. Requirements: HANSE Accreditation and License

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Executive Stand-By Invitation for our accredited traders As a new part of our business terms and service we invite all traders to personally visit and join the vessel load process of their orders at our terminals Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa. This is our standard offer for all 2021 crude and fuel oil- transactions:

You fly business class from your place to the port of loading, staying there until the loading is finished including inspection and custom formalities - as usual as a '2-Persons-All-In Arrangement' including ***** accommodation, social program at side, oil-trading course conducted by HANSE OIL Refining, and gala-dinner.

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