Your Accreditation is the DNA of our business with confirmation of your competency, credibility and commitment to your overall




HANSE Assessment is an essential component of any major transaction and golbally demanded by banks (Basel III + IV), our investors, buyers and sellers. 

Accredition - Questions answered


Why Accreditation

1. Confidence through ensuring consistently high standards of Business Conduct
2. Essential tool for decision making and risk management.
3. Save time and money by selecting an accredited (and therefore competent) supplier.
4. Objective proof that partners have the competence to comply with best practice.
5. Formal HANSE communications, reliable offering (executive partner-based cooperation)


Why Assessment

Accreditation is required to demonstrate conformance with the business- and banking standards (Basel III + IV), and requirements of laws.

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Business Transactions

A. ALL business transactions require principally Assessment (Accreditation Part 1.1)
B. HANSE does not issue any offers or purchase requests to non-accredited clients
C. Formal business conclusion requires a corporate email address (no private email)