Finance Brokering

Does your company need to borrow a large sum of money for an expansion project, a merger or acquisition, or a stock buyback? We'll work with you directly and coordinate the right lenders for loan syndication. At  OIL BROKER ASIA, we offer you fast and effective trade finance solutions, taking care of your finances and enabling you to focus more on your business growth. Our experience working with global finance and investments houses as banks along with our expertise in large financing needs can help you take your enterprise to the next level. Our team includes experienced professionals focused on capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, event–driven financings and financial sponsor activity, and sector specialists who work around the clock to provide you the best solutions.

Wherever you're doing business, our advisory & solutions team is ready to provide on–the–ground knowledge to help you coordinate your financial and business strategies, and advise on region– and sector–specific solutions.

Finance & Investment Brokerage

Corvid-19: Emergency Loan Accredited Clients

Corvid-19: Tempory Bridging Loan Accreditet Clients

WE OFFER to back our accredited partners (Broker AND Trader) taking action to support and to aid short term cash flow pressures with "unlimited" zero-interest bridge loans and a 3-5 months re-payment-holiday period of time. This measure would also appropriately include short-term investments and JV Joint Ventures appropriately.

Project Finance

Equity investors (i.e. shareholders) set up a special purpose vehicle (SPV) to run a project. Project Finance is made against the underlying assets while cash inflow and receivables from the project will be used to service the loan. OIL BROKER ASIA Project Finance is generally applicable to public utility companies in building infrastructures relating to electricity, water supply, telecommunications,energry, oil and fuel. Project Finance can extend further afield to cover construction of mammoth projects such as airports, roads, bridges, tunnels, sewage factories and hotels with stable streams of cash flow generated from the project.

Trade Finance

International and domestic trade is highly complex and involves a web of intricate risks. OIL BROKER ASIA deliver fast, efficient, reliable and comprehensive solutions for every stage of a client's trade value chain to support their foreign trade activities. L/C negotiations/discounting Fofaiture

Islamic Financing

We consider consider all Shari’ah modes of financing for trade operations. The following modes of financing are the most widely used: Murabaha Installment Sale Istisna'a In addition to these modes, our partners are working on importing employing more modes of financing in the future such as Leasing, Bay Salam as well as Wakalah, Ja’ala for the financing of services.

Asset Financing

Asset Financing refers to a ailment of loan based on the financial strength of the organization by mortgage or hypothecation of balance sheet assets which includes land & building, Vehicles, Machinery, Trade Receivables as well as short term investments where assets amount is decided into regular payment intervals of the unpaid portion of the asset along with interest.

Account Payable Financing

Unlock working capital from your invoices. Accounts Payable Financing allows a company to pay its supplier immediately (cash on delivery or COD) without having to use their own working capital. This is also known as trade credit financing. This type of financing gives the company a longer term to pay back the creditor or when they sell the inventory.

Supply Chain Financing

The Supplier Finance is a bilateral financing programme through which offers OIL BROKER ASIA packaged finance facilities to key suppliers of the customer‟s company. This finance is provided strictly to those suppliers which have a direct linkage to the customer‟s company and is based on the strength of the underlying relationships that the customer has with those suppliers.

Business First Loan (startup)

Raising funds and securing investment is the most important challenge your startup will face on the road to success. From crowdfunding and seed investment to venture capital and private equity; there are a number of avenues open to entrepreneurs like you in order to raise the funding needed to grow, develop and ultimately succeed with your startup.We help you understand the different types of funding available and connect you with experts in your market sector or region.

Joint Ventures (Merging)

The area of mergers and acquisitions (M&As) is special in finance. Incredible amounts of money are employed in such transactions. Deals draw a lot of public attention and dispute. Oftentimes, stories look more like fairy tales rather than financial reality. The key idea in any M&A transaction is to create value through a potentially synergetic activity. OIL BROKER ASIA has extensive experience in the full range of merger and acquisition transactions including public or private company mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, mergers and de-mergers. Major corporate transaction, such as a joint venture, merger or acquisition, can make or break your business. When millions of dollars are potentially on the line, you need an experienced broker on your team to help you negotiate the deal, conduct due diligence, draft contracts and handle any regulatory compliance.

Tailored Lending

Our tailored lending service gives you customised borrowing options that can increase your liquidity, help protect your wealth and open up new opportunities for you and your family. Our credit advisory specialists have the ability to develop credit solutions to assist in financing and maximising assets that cannot be easily converted into funds. We customise strategies to unlock the potential value of your assets and help you meet your financial goals.


Guarantees issued by our finance partners will help your business establish credibility with new suppliers and potential clients. Our expertise is at your disposal to issue all types of guarantees. We are able to issue all types of guarantees: Tender Bond
Advance Payment Bond
Performance Bond
Retention Bond
Financial and Payment Guarantee
Counter Guarantee
Maintenance Guarantee

Ship Financing

Ship financing is an arrangement that uses vessel charter fees as the principal source of repayment, while various forms of collateral structured around shipbuilding and charter agreements are assigned to mitigate credit risk. We leverage our wealth of experience and proven track record in this area to help clients obtain long–term funding to purchase vessels, both new and used.

Structured Finance

Structured finance is designed specifically to meet unique capital needs not typically covered by traditional lending. New funding instruments have been designed to transform cash flows and reshape the liquidity structure of balance sheets through securitization, allowing our clients to finance projects, receive off–balance sheet treatment or increase short–term liquidity. Working with international bank, we serve you with innovative ideas and solutions for your corporate needs, drawing upon the expertise of our international branch networks and our experience in structuring sophisticated products.