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Help to give us a better world to protect the environmental and halt climate change. Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy of all with your help, we can make sure every person has access to renewable energy by 2030. Make a one-time contribution of any amount and join the HANSE GREEN ENERGY ALLIANCE - when we start together, we are powerful.

Each of us can  take a small step to make a better world. Make a one-time contribution of any amount. We shall publish your name and introduce your business in our central database (2021 = 26.014 Readers). 


I/we wish to make a donation. Please advise payment details.

Your donation helps to improve and stabilize our clean economy and you become a member of the HANSE OIL Green Power Alliance. 

HANSE Executive Green Credit Card -Pre Advise.

VISA CARD issued by First Bank N.Y., New York and HANSE Bank.

All Accredited Partners with operative HANSE Account. Zero Fees for the first Year



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