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Service With Traditionsince 1983

We keep what we promise

We facilitate brokering for both institutional buyers and sellers and producers (refiners), processors and traders all energies, including power, natural gas, and crude oil/products. Read more about our services.

Welcome. The oil and gas industry is grappling with a range of complex challenges: energy transition, increasingly volatile oil prices, intensified global competition, the rise of disruptive technologies, and more sophisticated government regulations. These factors increase the complexity and risks for even the best-run firms. This concept describes, in fact, our our integrated road map and consolidated forms essentially valid for ALL HANSE business transactions that includes trading, financing and investments. 


Our Broker and Trader are invited to pass assessment- and accreditation formalities first.

A.  Base Requirement: Assessment *

Provisional Term Sheet based on Indicative Offer

License Application

B.  Licensing*

Broker-, Trader License or both in PersonaLUnion

Crude Oil- and Finance License

Executive Brokerage Support

Trading, Financing (formal closing)

HBCA  HANSE Brokerage and Consultancy Agreement

* liable to fees 


We formally negotiate your business requirements until your file can be transferred to HANSE OIL for signing.

A.  Base Requirement:  Free Interaction*

Free Price Inquiry

Business Application (Client Inquiry, and Offer)

Indicative Price Information and Quotes

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