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Get the best business solutions from the most trusted partner

We facilitate brokering for both institutional buyers and sellers and producers (refiners), processors and traders all energies, including power, natural gas, and crude oil/products. Read more about our services.


We are offer full-service brokerage for Energy- and Oil Traders from A-Z: We have a team of independent, employed professionals of different nationalities, covering virtually all aspects of energy, oil and gas trading. Oil Broker operates  two offices including offices in the main hubs of London, Austria and Dubai.  It offers the full suite of products including oil, power, gas, and bulk commodities. We advise our clients across the full spectrum including corporations, trading companies, banks, hedge funds, governments and asset managers.


We execute and complete trade transactions in our field only on order thus on behalf of our cooperation-partner (trader). In rare cases we offer full-service trading including shipment, storage, financing and we sell received products in counter- or barter trade, provided by our Senior Partners.

Counter Trade Brokerage

We offer, and meet virtually all counter trade-formalities and logistical aspects. We transport, store, insure and assess the market value of goods

under counter trade consideration for both our clients, i.e. Buyer AND Seller.

Futures & Options Strategy

Using futures and options, whether separately or in combination, can offer countless trading opportunities. Regardless of the markets you trade or the strategies you use, we have resources that can complement your trading ideas. Choose from a variety of trading advice options, including expert advice from our professional brokers and third-party educators.

Financing and Hedging

We aim to accelerate your energy-, Gas and oil business transactions and connect you to new opportunities. Through our Asian branches and global partnerships, we are focused on delivering a wide range of financial services and ensuring that our clients will have a positive and consistent customer experience.

A trusted, and reliable Partner:

A single source for price info and liquidity. 

We act solely as  brokers. We have no proprietary interest in any trade 

We put our customers at the forefront of everything we do: 

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