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LLC Offshore 2024

Tailored to Your Business

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HANSE OIL and HANSE Consultants GesmbH have accelerated the trend towards decentralization and more entrepreneurial, local decision-making responsibility through a modern and unique model of local partnerships for the joint handling of larger individual energy business transactions (financing, investments and trading).

In practice, the majority of our cooperative joint ventures worldwide are set up as limited liability companies with two shareholders in a combination of our two names, i.e. 'HANSE OIL & Your Name LLC', for the purpose of managing, financing (banking) and executing (a) your single or multiple resource energy contract(s), or (b) in the form of a strategic cooperation and JV trading agreement.


The administration and management, including the establishment of the newly formed company, the personnel and our reputable name and financial resources will be provided by HANSE with limited risk for our new partner. Usually. the LLC company will be  liquidated after contract execution, or maintained by agreement.

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