All formal business negotiations and its conclusion require licensing. We distinguish between a Broker- and Trader License, or jointly both in PersonaLUnion.



Licensing Crude Oil

The crude business in controlled by 'The Oil Club International' and requires membership, or in lieu a SGT Single Trade license based on your PersonaLUnion License.



Licensing Finance

All finance- and investment transactions require supplementary licensing based on your PersonaLUnion License.

License Fees are fully refundable

Licensing - Questions answered


Why Licensing

It’s an old management maxim that “you get what you measure.” Coming up with the right metrics is crucial to gaining the right insight and visibility into business operations and driving the right behaviors and supporting the decision-making of staff. HANSE Licenses recognise clients and organisations who demonstrate commendable performance, and serve as a mark of excellence to instal confidence in Energy- and Oil Brokerage and Trading.

Business Transactions

Our commodity- and energy brokers understand these complex supply and demand factors and benefit from our systematic research and worldwide network. We assist buyers and sellers in all elements of commodity transactions commencing with intelligence gathering through to commercial implementation and post-transaction operations. All formal business negotiations and its conclusion are based on KYC HANSE Assessment- and License Formalities essentially in compliance with international banking standard (Basel III + IV). HANSE formal (firm) offering requires principally licensing regardless of your business status as Broker, as Trader or both jointly in PersonaLUnion. While our guests receive free price information our licensed clients receive all assistance in every respect and firm offering.

Are License Fees refundable?

All Fees are 100% deductible from any business transaction concluded during the first 3 months after the date of application upon receipt of your instruction.


Why Assessment

Accreditation is required to demonstrate conformance with the business- and banking standards (Basel III + IV), and requirements of laws.

Broker License

The support for our brokers is based on the so-called 'HBCA HANSE Business Consultancy Agreement' protecting against all violent market activities. Our Brokers are not authorized to close any business transactions; trading requires a Trader License or both Broker and Trader jointly in 'PersonaLUnion'. No brokerage service for our traders (except in PersonaLUnion).

Trader License


PersonaLUnion License


Virtual License


Crude Oil


The HANSE OIL crude business is privileged and stuctured by a most sophisticated global HANSE Group Network. We do not accept private email addresses.


Base information

All Finance- or Investment negotiations require a finance license, based on your PU PersonaLUnion License. We negotiate these transactions only with only licensed clients. In the further run and whe it comes to formal finance- or investment negotiations you require a finance license, supplementary.


Seller Basics

Formal purchase negotiations and offering requires licensing accordingly yet your business can be registered without further formalities and fees. All HANSE purchase contracts have to be based on regular licensing (broker-, trader- or jointly in PersonaLUnion).