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 OIL BROKER ASIA Partner Class 

We are constantly expanding our Partners network. If you are interested in cooperating with us and becoming one of our Partners, then contact us and learn how to become a part of OIL BROKER ASIA - Singapore, Hongkong, Vienna and London

Our Brokers

We are a team of experienced brokers and commercial consultants, all of whom specialize in Energy, Gas and Oil brokerage, contracting and banking. 

Want to be a broker with Oil Brokers ASIA? A broker should be able to understand complex situations quickly, structure them, and develop suitable solutions. To do so, you need a bright and fast mind,

Junior Partner

Come as Junior Partner (JP) to us and join our team in Singapore, Vienna or London. We are open for any academic background. Junior Partners have to start building relationships with existing and new clients. Capital required. The JP supports the Senior Partner and super-vises all brokering businesses.

Senior Partner

Becoming senior partner means becoming the ‘ambassador’ for the firm. Externally, the senior partner does deal with the firm’s most important clients, and attend meetings, ceremonies and services. Internally, they may be chairing partners’ meetings and remuneration committees, and sitting on the firm’s oversight board among other roles, depending on the firm’s governing structure. Capital required. 


We seek more correspondents who can be a regional voice on HANSE OIL businesses and our local lobbying activities. This is a privileged and central key position between our head office and your country. You should produce confident and clear analysis on deadline. You should be able to deliver commentary and support with equal flair. Capital required.

Associated Partner

Our Associated Partners (AP)) are responsible for our day-​to-day operational management and for our overall business and affairs. The  AP develops and implements the strategic business plan for the overall Group and for the principal businesses. The AP reports directly to our our Principle Partner(s).

Innovative and responsive partnerships

We work together with influential lobbyists worldwide calling also on the global banking sector.

We are differently structured. All key positions within OIL BROKER ASIA  are traditionally held by junior or senior partners and  other central positions one below that level by Associates.

HANSE OIL Strategic Partnership "Contract-by-Contract". Click here

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