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As a broker within this esteemed class, you’re poised for success.

Allow us to guide you through the process:

Business Class Broker Accreditation and License Acquisition

Accreditation: As an accredited BCP Business Class Partner, you gain access to a world of opportunities working direct with HANSE REFINING Asia. Your journey begins with obtaining a BCP Account based on your BC Assessment:

Broker License: Upon accreditation, you’re eligible to acquire a Broker License. This license is intrinsically linked to your operative Assessment Account, signifying your status as a HANSE Business Partner with a proven track record of credibility in trading and brokerage activities.

VIP Priorities and Trading Privileges

VIP Priorities: As a licensed broker, you enjoy VIP priorities. Your requests receive prompt attention, ensuring efficient execution of trades.

Trading Privileges: While you’re not automatically entitled to underwrite contracts that require a Trader License: there’s an intriguing option. You can jointly consolidate a PersonaLUnion License expanding your capabilities and market reach (brokerage AND Trading).

Client Offerings and Negotiations

Client Instruments: Armed with all the necessary instruments, you can confidently offer services to your clients. Represent them in the name of HANSE ENERGY (OIL) or HANSE REFINING Asia

Agreements: We negotiate spot or term agreements through a modular system of HANSE Conceptual and Firm Term Sheets. These sheets are meticulously crafted to facilitate smooth negotiations.

Protection and Compensation

Market Measures: Fear not the volatile market! Our HBCA (HANSE Business Consultancy Agreement) shields our BC brokers against (almost) all violent market fluctuations.

Base Commission: For every transaction involving HANSE Sales or Purchase, you receive a base commission. Rest assured, your efforts are rewarded. The calculation of any exceeding percentage is meticulously handled by HANSE, ensuring fairness and transparency.

VIP Treatment and Legal Support

VIP Partner Privileges: As a VIP partner, you’re entitled to exclusive benefits.

Legal Assistance: Need legal guidance? Our legal department is at your service, ready to assist upon your first request. Contact to the HANSE Ombudsman in Switzerland? No Problem.

Welcome to the HANSE Business Class—where excellence meets opportunity, and the future awaits!


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