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Oil & Fuel Oil sales agreements exceeding $10 m

HANSE OIL Concept for sales agreements exceeding $10 m (subject to assessment and accredition formalities and HANSE OIL GTS General Terms of Sales & Purchase and a signed term sheet. Announcement hereunder may be modified or withdrawn by OIL BROKER ASIA without prior notification.

Information: Conventional Sales Agreement

Payment for each cargo shall be made by Buyers to Sellers against standard OPEC documents and surveillance certification. All payments shall be made free of all charges and without asserting at the time for payment any set-off or right to withold whatsoever, in United States Dollars in New York to Sellers' account with the Bank of New York by documentary Letter of Credit, irrevocable and confirmed by a prime bank, or by participation in Sellers Electronic Documentary Payment System.

18762 Cooperative Joint Venture "Contract-by-Contract")

Gain internationally recognized accreditation with HANSE OIL as your JV Partner Single Contract-execution by Cooperative Joint Venture (LLC) between Buyers and HANSE OIL under ad hoc formation of an offshore company 49/51. The company will be closed after successful conclusion of the underlying purchase- or sales contract, or JV to maintained by agreement. MORE INFO

56232 Unique finance and settlement offer

This attractive concept is offered to all HANSE OIL accredited traders borne in times of the Corvid-19 crisis. This concept offers a mix of (a) deferred payment (Letter of Credit discounting) and (b) price fixing with maximising profit and its share agreement (75/25) in favor of Buyers, including assistance and hassle-free banking support by HANSE OIL. Formel: (100%-30%= (70%) +25%) HANSE 100% invoice value - your payment = 70% plus deferred payment = 25% of your sales price.

34355 HANSE SALES CONTRACTS: Letter of Credit Discounting

We lift your product within 7-12 wwdshex You pay for the product after 90 days You receive your broker-commission within 9 days

HANSE TRADE ACCOUNT: Your Letter of Credit after the product is on board

We receive your Letter of Credit only after the product is on board, shipped or even later. Your Account is backed by HANSE Investors and Sponsors and safeguarded from A-Z. Requirements: Accreditation, bona-fide HCI Rating and Account Deposit.