Guide Finance & Investments 2021

Welcome. Please review basic business requirements and guide lines hereafter.

  • Administration


    Your swift comunication is appreciated. Any communication not attended within one 1 business day shall be closed, as a matter of routine. 

    Do not submitany uncalled documents or 'quote messages" from your clients.

  • Workflow


    We only accept offers using a Business Application Form as above. Formless offers submitted by email or using Contact Forms will not be attended.

    Please avoid using private procedural requirements and buzzwords.

  • Information


    Refrain from finance applications without securities or appropriate cash flow which can not be attended. Brokers must prove sufficient legitimation for negotiations.

    Only in rare case we accept private email addresses.

Guide to Business


Free Interaction

New Clients are invited to complete first the link here oc click above:

Your Business Application (Finance or Investment)

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Assessment Formalities

When coming to formal business negotiations please click above for your assessmet application, or click here for information:

License Formalities

Upon approvalof assessment HANSE may invite you to undergo license formalities and to apply accordingly, subject to your type of business: Broker, Trader- or both in PersonaLUnion. Supplementary Licensing is required for all finance- or investment transactions License Information will be found here

How we work

HANSE Finance Asia & HANSE Bank

The Credit Department at HANSE Finance Asia manages the financial aspects of all transactions. Our team is knowledgeable and energetic, with the resources and experience to respond quickly to your needs. We maintain long-standing relationships with several major banks, and actively interface with your financial contacts for optimal speed and efficiency. When necessary, HANSE Bank can provide Letters of Credit within a few hours. This rapid responsiveness can often be the deciding factor in whether or not transactions can be completed in today’s fast-paced market. The Legal Department manages the legal matters for HANSE finance, its subsidiaries, and new since 2021 HANSE Exploration & Production Co. These activities include contract negotiation and review, as well as supporting the legal needs of all business units and departments, to better serve our customers and business partners on a timely basis.

Shariah Modes of Islamic Financing

HANSE may consider all Shari’ah modes of financing for trade operations. The following modes of financing are the most widely used: Murabaha - Installment Sale Istisna'a In addition to these modes, HANSE is working on importing employing more modes of financing in the future such as Leasing, Bay Salam as well as Wakalah, Ja’ala for the financing of services.


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