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Energy and Structured Trade Finance

Trade Finance’ is a catch-all term for the financing of international trade. HANSE Finance offers you immediate solutions for your requirements. Our trade finance experts will consult you and guide you through the process delivering you a service beyond your expectation and with minimum hassle.

Guarantees, Bonds

Conduct business with confidence, even where you lack established relationships, through the use of guarantees and standby letters of credit. A HANSE BANK guarantee could enable you to negotiate favourable terms with buyers and suppliers by protecting them from non-performance under a contract while addressing your financing needs. HANSE offers tailored solutions including performance, advance payment, tender, warranty, financial guarantees and standby letters of credit as well as others upon request.

Import Financing

We can arrange buyers' credit financing through off-shore Deutsche Bank branches at Libor linked competitive rates. Import Bills for Collection: Rely on our expertise in efficient & prompt handling of your Import bills for collection. Issuance of Import Letter of Credit: You may avail of our expert guidance towards issuance of LCs against acceptable securities.


HANSE Finance Asia

HANSE Finance Asia has been at the forefront of project finance reporting for the last 15 years overing all the major Energy- and oil sectors, including transport, power, oil & gas, infrastructure and mining - out of the middle of HANSE Group International. Benefit from our extensive experience in structuring innovative project finance deals and advising and arranging non-recourse debt in Asia. We have a strong track record across industries including Power & Utilities, Natural Resources, Oil & Gas and Infrastructure

Joint Ventures

HANSE Agenda 2021: The LLC Joint Venture Company

Venturing into the future HANSE ENERGY (OIL) goes decentral We uniquely offer strategic partnerships to expand global cooperation on the one hand, and structuring the next generation business venture with our partners worldwide on the other. WHAT CHANGES 2021 Restructuring of our Senior management, in an effort to decentralize its worldwide operations giving more power to regional partnerships. HANSE operates already Partner-LLC's around the world. In practice, the majority of cooperative joint ventures will be set up as limited liability offshore companies worldwide, with 2 shareholders in combination of both names, i.e, 'HANSE & Client Name LLC' for the purpose to manage, financing (banking) and execution of single or multitude oil contracts provided by our new partner, or by strategic JV with HANSE's global reputation supported by HANSE OIL Refining and Banking (Hongkong).

Refinery Processing Agreement 2021

On behalf of HANSE OIL we seek a new crude processing agreement for its 2021/2022 South African crude allocations as the firm’s current processing agreement expires in December 2020.

Selected, and HANSE OIL accredited traders or brokers are invited to submit proposals for a processing agreement that will see HANSE OIL supply 0,4 to 0,7 million barrels of bonny crude per month in exchange for similar volumes of oil products, trading sources with knowledge of the tender said.


How we invest

We are an active investor and owner in the fields of energy, gas and oil, aiming to deliver sustainable value over the long term. Our strategy is diversified. Starting from a macro-economic perspective, together with our investors, we co-invest our capital for the long term in Asia, The Caribbean and Africa.

We invest in founders from day one

Visionary founders passionate about transforming Energy, Gas and Oil We support founders from day one and build a relationship as a long term investor in the companies. All entrepreneurs get an individual grant from day one, and after two months, we invest in selected teams to kick-start their startup.

Attractive Unique Partner-Sponsorship Opportunity

HANSE ENERGY (OIL) Continue to Rise HANSE gives clients or investors preferential market access through our private network of 2.417 license brokers and traders by way of participation in our total turnover and continual success over years.You start only with a no-risk deposit of €250 - refundable on a 12 months notice - plus an all-in one-time fee of €50.Guaranteed interest rate 10%p.a. - projected avg. annual return based on a 3y result 18,72% p.a. payable in arrears, every 6 months. Details: Oil Broker Asia. Email:


Global and Corporate Banking

Are you passionate about the markets? In Global Banking, you'll help provide advice and execution to corporations, financial sponWork with one of the world’s leading corporate advisory firms.sors and hedge funds around the world. Global trade and export finance is as far-reaching, multi-faceted and complex as the global supply chains it supports. We can help you along the whole path, from advising a client and structuring a transaction­­­­ to handling documentary credits, collections, guarantees or standby letters of credit.

Financing that makes a difference

At HANSE Finance Asia, we are experts in helping companies transform the way they work. Adaptability is part of our operational mindset. It’s this spirit, coupled with our extensive technical know-how, that grounds our financing solutions in a real understanding of your sector challenges. In these dynamic times, our commitment to our customers remains just as before: strong and steady. We will continue to do our utmost to provide the same high level of service you’ve come to expect from HANSE Finance.

Operating Loan

The operating loan offers a flexible solution for your occasional financing requirements and for bridging seasonal fluctuations in cashflow: an overdraft facility or fixed advance means that we can help you reach your business targets. An ample liquidity reserve allows you to make the most of opportunities when they arise.

Business Instalment Loan and Startups

Avail this loan for the purpose of working capital, business or purchase of equipment and leverage your business and expand it, or finance your startup.Less documentation and faster processing.

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