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OBA HANSE Light Consulting


We provide strategic advisory services for energy and process companies who want to move forward into a successful and sustainable future. Since its first hours 1983, HANSE is a global recognized commercial consultancy team in the global energy, oil and gas industry.

A Class apart

Our business team offers you a wide range of valuable expertise to help you develop the vision, knowledge, creativity and future direction of your enterprise. 

  • Energy Trading 

    HANSE group operates as a network of member firms offering energy- and oil business advisory services. We work closely with our clients, helping them to mitigate risks and grasp opportunities.

  • Energy Law

    We are always informed of the latest regulatory developments and stand ready to assist you with our expertise. HANSE Group experts and  attorneys offer comprehensive law and consulting services.

  • Brokerage

    As well as executing client orders, we provide investors with research, 

    trusted service, investment plans and  market intelligence, working directly with oil and other petroleum products partners

  • HANSE Admin

    We are acting as consultants for the HANSE Group dealing with all aspects of administration, logistics and media service. From case to case we also work as brokers with special mandate.

  • Counter- Barter Trade

    Within the HANSE Group we are uniquely positioned to handle all kinds of Counter- and Barter Trade. These mechanisms include barter, counter-purchase, offset, buy-back, and switch trading.

  • PR and Marketing

    We’re a global agency with more than just a few ideas. We do cam- aigns that allow us to capture spe- cific audiences; reaching decision makers by increasing presence on specialised media.

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