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Welcome Please review our basic business requirements and guide line hereafter. HANSE ENERGY transacts energy and commodities on a global scale. We are dynamic, responsible, financially sound and growing.


    Your swift comunication is appreciated. Any communication not attended within one 1 business day shall be closed, as a matter of routine. 

    Do not submitany uncalled documents or 'quote messages" from your clients.


    We only accept offers using a Business Application Form as above. Formless offers submitted by email or using Contact Forms will not be attended.

    Please avoid using private procedural requirements and buzzwords.


    HANSE Crude Business is controlled by 'The Oil Club International' that requires membership.or in lieu, a SGT Single Crude Trade License.

    Crude Oil transactions are privileged, and requirefull licensing.

Guide to Business


Free Interaction

New Clients are invited to complete first the link here oc click above:

Your Business Application (Inquiry)

Click above using the right form for your inquiry. or click here: Business Inquiry (Products)

Assessment Formalities

When coming to formal business negotiations please click above for your assessmet application, or click here for information: Assessment Care

License Formalities

Upon approvalof assessment HANSE may invite you to undergo license formalities and to apply accordingly, subject to your type of business: Broker, Trader- or both in PersonaLUnion License Information will be found here

Digital Business

Electronic Trading

Our goal is to achieve touchless digital interaction between HANSE and the suppliers with electronic exchange of business transactions. In order to achieve a more structured and digitised transaction flow, both sender and receiver must be able to produce, receive and utilise the structured and digitised information in their respective ERP systems.
HANSE’s preferred method for digital interaction via B2B transaction is exchange of structured business information using UBL based messaging over a 4-corner model according to the Peppol BIS specifications via Peppol eDelivery infrastructure.
HANSE can send:
Electronic purchase order (PO) trough Advanced Ordering v3 (preferred) or Peppol BIS Ordering v3 (if Advanced Ordering is not possible)
Invoice certificate
HANSE can receive:
Order response
Electronic invoice and credit note through Peppol Billing v3
HANSE is developing its solutions to exchange a larger range of business documents such as variation order request (VOR), catalogue, price book and shipping notification.
For more information regarding Business-to-Business (B2B) integration with EHF/Peppol BIS, contact your HANSE Procurement Responsible and/or Company Correspondent-.


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