HANSE ENERGY (OIL) Procurement

HANSE Group Cross-Cutting Purchase- and Joint Venture Interests 2021


Cross-Cutting Info

We finance or invest in your operative business worldwide

Funds consolidated out of the middle of HANSE OIL Group - we finance and support your purchase-, sales- and project contracts. HANSE Finance has a uniquely strong presence in in global markets.

Seeking Investments and Exploration Joint Ventures worldwide 2021

In 2021 HANSE OIL Ventures shall start to participate in worldwide exploration activities with the aim of positioning ourselves in energy- and oil markets.


    Purchase - Joint Venture

    We purchase bonny light crude in exchange of petrol products - spot or long-term agreements - premium paid - HANSE accredited partner.


    Trade Delegation 2021

    Energy, Gas and Crude. HANSE Trade- Mission West Africa - Subsahara. HANSE accredited Partners only.

  • CARIBBEAN (Middle East, Asia)

    Hotel-Village Resort 

    Seeking HANSE Hotel- and Village Resort Project for our Partners, Investors and Families: freehold, >3.5 ha, not over 10 years.

  • OMAN

    Cooperation & Purchase

    Seeking Processing Agreements or JV with local refiners. We purchase Al-Shaheen Crude under Spot or Term Agreement - premium paid.

  • PERU


    Seeking a local Correspondents and Lobbyists. Purchase: Loreto Crude 18.1° S.1.30 (even under Counter Trade or Barter Terms.  


    Investments, JV

    Seeking investment and finance- projects in India's fast expanding energy &oil sector; local Lobbyists  and Correspondents.


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