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Portal 2024

We are the vital link between the HANSE Energy Alliance (1983-2024), its affiliated partners and the global markets.

Convering the full spectrum of Energy 

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Modern, Innovated and Trusted 1983-2024

We are the official broker of HANSE OIL GROUP International. Find out how we can help you to operate with maximum flexibility and focus on your core business across your entire value chain. As a decentralized brokerage house, we are the vital link between the HANSE ENERGY and OIL Group, upstream and downstream companies and our accredited partners, ensuring reliable energy and commodity transactions worldwide. Today we are proud to have 2456 accredited partners worldwide.

Deep expertise in energy, gas and oil trade and finance 
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Portal 2024:  Strategic partnerships for your success
We work closely with our accredited brokers and traders through a number of special relationships, institutions and individuals worldwide. With the world as your market, opportunities become reality through access and expertise. OBA and HANSE provide both.

Marina Bay, Marina Boulevard, Financial Tower 2, 018983 Singapore.

Business meetings require assessment and a signed agenda in advance. Please do not submit unsolicited documents and do not use buzzwords such as RWA, ASWP, FCO, POP, bank-to-bank, gross and net, etc.

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