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Business Präsentation

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  • HANSE OIL Partner since 2008

    Subin Malik, Malaysia

    Accredited Partner, investor & Sponsor

    HANSE OIL Mediator and Lobbyist

    HANSE-Contract Bridge Financing & JV

    Upto 49% hidden contract-participation

    by investment, Assests or Financing

    License Support for accredited clients

    Business Offer & Profile

  • Crude Oil Broker & Investor since 2014

    Eugin Kwong, Hongkong

    Accredited Broker (SGT) and Investor

    Regional HANSE OIL Correspondent

    Crude Broker, Senior-Banker, Financier

    Support & Financing of crude purchase- and sales contracts, guarantees, bonds

    SGT License support, and setup help 

    Business Offer & Profile

  • Crude and Fuel Oil Trader. Sponsor since 2016

    Warren Mattone, Bahrain

    Accredited Trader, Oil Club Member

    Regional HANSE OIL Correspondent 

    Tender- and Institutional Support

    Global Banking & HANSE Bank Support

    Documents, HANSE License Questions,

    Reference-Assistants, Creditworthiness

    Business Offer & Profile


Support provided by corporations and businesses allows for the development and implementation of HANSE OIL Business, projects and resources. These alliance partnerships make it possible for our clients and small business owners to receive an outstanding array of resource tools, education and business assistance.


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